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Qualified Lead Generation

There are a great number of lead generation techniques out there, but the vast majority of them will leave you with a giant list of email addresses, phone numbers, and company names. That may sound great at face value, but sales are what drive your business, not numbers to cold call. Local PhD's lead generation processes will leave you with real-time quote requests, additional information inquiries, and qualified leads that have been submitted by potential clients who are actively searching for your services.

Lead Generation Platforms

Whereas some firms begin charging you prior to creating systems for generating leads in your industry, Local PhD builds first. We launch a platform focused specifically on your geographic area and industry, acquiring qualified leads from those looking for what your business offers.

Local Search Engine Optimization

Carefully following the techniques of our award-winning SEO directors, Local PhD is able to drive significant amounts of highly targeted web traffic to our platforms. What does this mean for your busines? This type of traffic generates leads which have a high conversion rate to sales.

Sign Up & See Immediate Value

By the time you sign up with us, Local PhD has already begun collecting leads that you can use. You don't pay a dollar until we can give you value. To make sure that leads are fresh, we only send contact information from visitors who have reached out within the last few weeks.

Qualified Lead Gen. Drives Sales

With new leads being sent to you all the time, your sales team will have the advantage of being able to sell to clients who are actively looking for your products or services. This is proven to have better conversion rates. While your competitors cold call with marginal results, you will be pulling in greater percentages of clients

Continuous Improvements

As time goes on, we collect more user data & information about your industry. This allows our team to streamline processes and help you succeed. Not only will our lead generation processes become refined, but we can aid your sales team through advanced technological analysis.

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Here at Local PhD, we believe in transparency. Generating leads and gaining brand awareness is what puts the proverbial food on the table, and we understand that. We have a "No B.S." approach when it comes to dealing with our clients because we know that marketing your company is not a game. Contact a member of our team now to learn more about Local PhD!

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Are you ready to begin, but not sure what the next step is? Fill out some simple questions, and we'll guide you through the process!

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